The Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet by Zdravko Cvijetic - Book Summary and Review

Here is a summary of the productivity cheat sheet that you can use to improve your productivity, whether you are trying to lose weight, get fit, or be more productive. If you think about things for too long, you will end up procrastinating and not being able to achieve your goals. We are going to look at how you can use your time more effectively and become more successful in life. We will look at how to set goals, and how to achieve them. It’s easy to work out, but you'll never reach your goals if you don’t know how to execute the activities on the list. If you want to improve your personal and professional life, you need to assess how you spend time, and then develop a bulletproof strategy to eliminate negative habits. In this article, we are going to look at two important pieces of information that you need to know if you want to overcome your procrastination. The procrastination pyramid is a great way to combat the urge to procrastinate because it’s very simple and effective. Now, if I want to write an article, I can do it in a couple of minutes, by just sitting down and writing the headline. Almost two-thirds of our lives are spent on everyday activities such as sleeping, eating, cleaning, commuting, and others. If you want to be more productive, you need to change the way you spend your time and the things you do. This article will show you how to create a routine that will help you achieve your most important goals. The first time you start using any application, it will probably take you a while to get used to it, similarly, remember this while being more productive so you don't give up too soon. If you are struggling to get into a state of flow at work, there are some tips to help you get there. If you want to be more productive in the morning, there are some tips to help you achieve your goals. In the second part of the series on time management, Zdravko Cvijetic talks about the importance of sleep and how it affects productivity.

The Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet by Zdravko Cvijetic - Book Summary and Review
How to be productive and how to stay productive?

Who is Zdravko Cvijetic and What is The Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet

Zdravko Cvijetic is a writer, educator, and the founder of Zero to Skill. He has researched, studied, and created some of the most powerful productivity tools and methods. The Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet will help you master your time.

Includes productivity principles, rules & tips. Skim through the sheet and choose a technique that makes sense for you today. To prevent the involuntary drop in productivity, practice living a 24-hour life. Write things down, either on paper or in a digital form, to keep track of your priorities, thoughts, ideas, and progress. Everybody has the same amount of hours per day. Your best chance to be successful in life is to utilize your time efficiently and effectively.

Setting Goals and Popular Methods

When it comes to setting goals, there are tons of guidelines. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of results come from 20% of your activities. These special high-impact activities are called high leverage activities. You need to define what skills you need to learn to accomplish your goals. The ideal day will allow you to schedule high-leverage activities, skills and be more refocused overall.
The first step is to assess how much time you spend on different daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, chores, family, friends, partner, hobbies, television, internet, exercising, others. Then take the total number of hours per week (168) And subtract it from your weekly activity time total. This will give you an overview of your daily activities. Keeping a time log of your most important activities and evaluating it at the end of the week is extremely important. Once per week (ideally on Sunday), sit down for 30 minutes and ask yourself these questions: when was I most productive? At what hour?

Whenever we have something to do, any activity, we think of it as one big thing but It is not! This automatically demotivates us and turns our go-to action thought to procrastinate. The procrastination pyramid helps you break down your high leverage activities into smaller pieces.

The 2-minute rule: if you can do a task in two minutes, do it straight away.

The X method: for each day that you do your habit, you get to put a big X on the calendar on that day.

Extra Tips to Get in Flow

Almost two-thirds of our lives are spent on everyday activities such as sleeping, eating, grocery shopping, cleaning, commuting, and others. The book shows you how to optimize and fine-tune these activities to regain several hours per week. We spend a lot of time thinking about what to eat, buying groceries, and preparing our food. One day a week, allocate 15–20 minutes of your time and plan your weekly meals. You will save a massive amount of time a week.
In this phase, you will learn how to do more in a week than you have usually done in a month. He suggests you start looking at your day in three parts: morning routine, daily routine, and evening routine.

The daily routine is usually a time where you focus on your work. You should have a daily routine, which will help you stay focused. Create one for yourself.

Next to the morning routine. Schedule a morning meeting with yourself based on the high leverage activities you defined, and start with the most important one. Make sure that your working environment (both home and office) is simple and contains only the items you need for the task at hand. The state of flow is the time when you are completely immersed in the task at hand. It’s when you get into the flow when you’re working on something challenging that is helping you reach your goals.

Pro tip: Music can easily put you in a state of flow, just find the one that works for you.

How to Keep Productive State

Say no to meetings that don't have a specific outcome, structure, and key stakeholders defined. Set yourself for success the night before by deciding what you want to do the next day.

To maximize your sleep quality, there are few things you should have in mind. Drinking water six hours before you go to sleep, and stop drinking coffee and alcohol. Find the perfect time to go to bed each night and the ideal time to get up.

When things do not go according to plan, chill. Have a short-term strategy for things you cannot control. A long-term one on how to remove them or learn how to manage them. Remember what you are trying to achieve and how much easier things will be for your life if you optimize these things. Outsource as much as you can (such as cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking). Use every minute of your time wisely, especially when the kids are asleep.

Zdravko Cvijetic also says "Yes, I watch a movie or two every once in a while, but I always find my way home, just like lassie does."

The point is to get better, day in, day out. You will not be able to be perfect - and you should not strive to be.

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