5 Cat Behavior Changes That Mean Your Cat's Need Help

Behavior changes are the most common way for your cat to tell you that there's something she/he simply can't put into words. Your cat can't come out and tell you that its stomach hurts every time you leave the house. Instead, what happens is your cat starts acting differently towards you. In fact, there is a whole range of changes that your cat's behavior can take on depending on the problem that your kitty has. Here is a list of some of those changes, broken up into sections based on the type of change that your kitty's behavior takes.

5 Cat Behavior Changes That Mean Your Cat's Need Help
A photo of adorable kitten in a wooden crate. Photo by George Bonev.

1- Watery Eyes

Cats don't get watery eyes because of something emotionally moving happening in their life. Instead, it's a sign that there is something physically wrong with them. Watery eyes can be caused by an infection or even something as simple as dust or pollen in the air. In any case, if you see your cat's eyes water, then take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

2- Grooming Obsession

In addition to being a great way for your cat to keep itself clean, grooming is also something that cats do when they're feeling anxious or stressed out. This could be because of something external, such as the presence of dogs or small children in the house or something else. Of course, we're talking about the cat becoming overly obsessed with grooming itself, other than that it's perfectly natural for cats to lick themselves. When your cat does this, its anxiety is more severe than it would be after a usual stressful incident such as a visit from the vet.
If it happens once or twice, you don't have anything to worry about. If it happens regularly, then your cat needs help to get over its anxiety. In some cases, it might also help to consult a veterinarian to make sure there isn't an underlying medical condition causing all this anxiety. It should also be noted that cats sometimes become obsessed with licking the areas where they feel pain or itching.

3- Laying Down A lot

While for most of us laying down is something we do because we're lazy, although actually, it can be a sign of your cat feeling sick. Your cat will probably find the most comfortable place in your house to lay down, whether it be under your bed, in the closet, or in another secluded place. Your cat will also probably only lay down on its side, with its stomach facing up. While it's perfectly natural for cats to lie down, this symptom can have several serious causes for a cat that sleeps excessively.
If you've recently given your cat a bath, this could be one of the causes for it to lay down a lot. Cats are incredibly sensitive to changes in their surroundings, with the smell of its usual shampoo being something foreign to it. This is especially true for older cats due to their weaker immune systems.
Obviously, when it comes to cats, there is no set rule on when they sleep or how much they do it. However, a cat that is overly sleepy and constantly tired should definitely be taken to the vet.

4- Not Eating

Cats are natural hunters, which means that they get a lot of satisfaction from the actual hunting process. Most of a cat's day is spent stalking and chasing prey, with it only actually eating the prey when it's absolutely necessary. Due to this hunting nature, most cats don't really enjoy their food all that much, with the act of eating being simply a way for them to sustain themselves. In fact, what they really enjoy is hunting. That's why they're even more interested in action games than eating. If you've ever wondered why your cat is more willing to play with a ball of yarn than to actually eat the string, it's because they would rather play with it. Even if food is secondary for cats, not eating at all can be a serious problem. In this case, you can make him eat her food as if it were prey with small action games. However, a cat who is completely dissatisfied with food should be shown to the veterinarian as it will weaken over time because of hunger.

5- Drinking A Lot

Cats rarely drink a lot unless they're in a hot environment. If you pay attention, usually your cat will only drink water when it feels the need to do so. For example, when it's very hot outdoors, your cat might run in to quench its thirst at the water bowl you've provided. Drinking a lot can be a sign of medical issues in cats, especially if they're elderly. This is because drinking a lot can be a symptom of dehydration and dehydration can cause a lack of grooming in cats, which can lead to several other issues. So, you should be careful about your cat's dehydration.

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