Get a Lawyer For Car Accident For Free (11 Reasons)

You need a lawyer for car accident because a lawyer who can deal with the insurance company for personal injury can save thousands of dollars. Even if you are not injured, a lawyer for car accident can save you from unexpected consequences of a car accident case in the future and countless expenses including costs of your car. Plus most of them are free if you lose the car accident case! No one is prepared to be in a car accident. It can cause fear, pain, expense, and discomfort. But It also brings in questions and problems you've never considered.

Get a Lawyer For Car Accident For Free (11 Reasons)
No one can be prepared for an unexpected car accident, but if there is anyone who can put your mind at ease and save you from many hardships, it is an experienced car accident attorney.

1. Pay If You Win, Losing Is Free (Contingent Fee)

Most people don't hire a car accident lawyer because they fear the lawyer's fee will exceed their budget. What they don't know is that most car accident lawyers work contingent fee also known as "no win no fee". After a crash, whether it's your fault or not, whether you're injured or not, there will be costs to pay and consequences to bear. Car accident lawyers will be your legal representation against the law, both in the process and in court, whom you will want to see with you in a car accident case. Most of the time, but not always, hiring a lawyer in car accidents turns the balance in terms of money. By hiring a car accident lawyer, you are likely to save almost all the costs of a car accident with compensation, and you are more likely to win and avoid the consequences when you have a legal representation in court who has been with you from the beginning of the car accident. Also, in car accident cases, the laws differ from state to state, even settlement, so if you hire an experienced attorney for car accident as your legal representation, you can have peace of mind in the unknown legal situations you may encounter.

2. Talking Is Free

Again, what most people don't know about lawyers is that most car accident lawyers don't charge upfront fees. Many experienced personal injury attorneys are totally free of charge to call and talk so you should call an experienced injury attorney. In other words, unlike what you are doing right now, you have the chance to consult a professional for free instead of looking for answers to your questions on the internet. Also, don't wait more than 2 years after the incident occurs, as there is a statute of limitations that differs from state to state to sue for car accidents. Whether hiring a lawyer for car accident is worth it depends on:

  • Whether there was negligence in the incident
  • To environmental factors
  • Whether the other driver pleaded guilty
  • To drivers disagreement
  • To testimonies of passengers
  • To car accident victims
  • Whether medical bills were paid
  • To the police report
  • To insurance claim
  • To medical records
  • To state and position of the cars
  • To lawsuit conditions
  • To injuries of people
  • To the claim of the people who were involved and witnessed the incident

3. Laws are Hard to Know

You may have broken more than one law, even though you thought you were not breaking any law. This brings the car crash to the court whether you want it or not. There are hundreds of traffic rules that the average citizen does not know and ignore in their daily life, some states have their own traffic laws, and some of them are very strange. For example, it's illegal to run out of gas in Youngstown. This is a bit of an extreme example, but as you can see, a lawyer for car accident would be very helpful for you to find the law before the law finds you. Of course, you may not have violated any law, but still, as we mentioned in point 2, consulting a lawyer is mostly free. A pedestrian crossing, camera, parking meter, or traffic light that you overlooked may be your enemy carrying the car accident to the court and catch you off-guard. In such a case, a lawyer who will watch your back, talk to witnesses, interpret the environment according to the law, prepare defenses against the law using conditions to your advantage, negotiate with people and examine the cameras can make the difference before things get to that point.

4. Don't get Backstabbed

You may have decided not to hire a lawyer and sue, but that doesn't mean the other driver will be as well-intentioned as you. After a while, you may find yourself in the dock. You may even have to cover all of the other driver's expenses, including medical bills and car costs. In such a case, you wish to have made strong defenses with your lawyer against possible accusations and laws. Even if the other person has quietly left and agreed, he can easily change his mind with medical bills, insurance companies, and vehicle damage. It should be noted that the job of the legal team will be facilitated by the first mover about preparing defenses against the law, investigating, and speaking to witnesses. If the other driver is someone you can't trust, you who are tired of being a plaintiff, are your best bet, rather than you who suffered as a defendant. Compensation amounts can reach extreme values, especially in accidents involving car accident victims and injured persons.

5. The Insurance Company will Resist

If you think that when you submit your insurance claim to your insurance company, your expenses, especially medical bills, will be covered without question, you may be wrong. Insurance companies often, but not always, look for a problem by not paying you, and when they find it, they insist not to pay you. In fact, some insurance companies have become so professional in car accidents, especially in the case of personal injuries, that they take immediate action not to pay. Generally, in such cases, the insurance company claims that the injury is an uncovered injury and therefore cannot pay, or the insurance company claims that situation is covered by insurance other than the current one. That's why you and your attorney should act very quickly, not only because of the statute of limitations, which is 2 years in some states but also because of insurance companies. In such cases, you don't have to worry, most of the time, an experienced car accident lawyer or a well experienced injury attorney knows these tactics of insurance companies well and allows you to get paid legally, especially in car accidents with injuries. You can't become paid for your costs as an individual person against the ridiculous claims of huge and powerful insurance companies, without a professional and experienced injury attorney who knows the law, especially in a car accident case involving personal injury. Depending on the situation, it is even possible to get a good compensation from the insurance company through legal means.

6. Pay to Laws or Pay to Bills

Unfortunately, you don't have many options for injury car accidents, especially if you don't have insurance. It would be wise to try to avoid the burden of the bills by making the other driver pay the medical bills with compensation or court order. If you have insurance then things are a little better for you. If your insurance company does not cause problems, you can get paid without the need for the methods mentioned in 5., but it would be better to keep this in the back of your mind, if you don't want to take risks, you have to either pay the bills or the law. You should be very careful, especially if there are other injuries or car accident victims, or if the cost will be over your budget. Because you cannot act professionally due to your experiences during and after the accident and your limited knowledge of the law, it is very important that you contact car accident lawyers and hire one of the attorneys as soon as possible and shape your attitude in line with the lawyer's information. (For example, never admit your fault or apologize, even out of courtesy!)

7. Snowball Effect

If you don't hire a lawyer from the start of the incident then It means many opportunities for the car accident case such as the evidence or such as the witness testimonies are lost in the car accident. In that situation or If you accept your fault then maybe It can cost you to lose the car accident case. So you need to be as quick and careful as you can. Car accidents are generally not only accidents of cars, but also bring traffic rule violations and legal problems. That's why if you lose your case due to lack of evidence or witness statements, you're also more likely to lose in traffic violations and other related lawsuits that may be filed because you've been found guilty in a car accident. Due to this snowball effect, it is very important that you are the plaintiff, not the defendant, especially in the first case related to the incident, that you have the evidence and witness statements, and finally, that you trust the legal conclusions of a lawyer who has known the incident from the very beginning.

8. Upper Hand Negotiation

Most legal disputes in America are resolved through negotiation before they go too far. Therefore, you will probably find yourself in a bargain in the future. In these negotiations, your lawyer will ensure that you are the upper hand, and your lawyer will gather the most important factors that you can bring to the table. Contrary to popular belief, personal injury lawyers benefit most when negotiating medical bills if car accident injuries are involved. The biggest difference that determines what will happen in the negotiation process that continues with car accident claims and then legal advice is the attorney difference. Hiring a car accident attorney and being an upper hand in negotiations is more than an option, especially if you are experiencing some of the following situations:

  • If you do not have insurance
  • If the insurance claim has not yet been submitted
  • If none of the car accident claims have yet been brought forward
  • If car accident injuries are also involved
  • If you have not received any legal advice and are not familiar with the law
  • If medical bills are not paid
  • If cars just stop at their expenses
  • If the incident happened recently
  • If the other person is guilty
  • If personal injury lawyers have not yet been involved
  • If there is negligence
  • If the incidents happen within the boundaries of the settlement
  • If the police report has not yet been written or written against you
  • If pedestrians are also involved
  • If there are life-threatening car accident victims
  • If cars also crash and damage public property
  • If the drivers disagree and you feel the possibility of attorneys being involved
  • If there has not been a lawsuit yet
  • If any of the drivers suffered from medical problems that arose after the accident

9. Don't Be the 'Other' Guy

As we have mentioned from time to time in the previous titles, it is important to be a plaintiff during the lawsuit. Do not fall into the "other" guy stalemate in disputes against insurance companies or the other driver, or even a third-party agency or person for negligence. Remember that in possible negotiations, the upper hand is usually the plaintiff, not the defendant. He is the defendant who is psychologically weak in car accident claims. If car accidents happen, no matter how horrifying the car accident is, having someone smart and calm on your side gets legal advice as soon as possible makes a big difference, saving you from being the "other" guy.

10. Guidance and Paperwork

When you sit alone and prepare your insurance claim, you are more likely to fall prey to insurance companies. You cannot interpret the police report for your own benefit if you are not familiar with the law. Any sentence you say without any legal guidance, such as a kind apology, can be used as evidence against you. You may even have to pay for car accident injuries that did not belong to you if personal injury lawyers do not notify you. You may have suffered for days from a medical condition after a car accident, and you may not know that there is a legal provision for it. You may accidentally damage private or public property in a settlement and find yourself on the dock with no evidence and no witnesses. Life can be very tiring without evidence and witnesses, especially in serious situations. Plus, a pair of eyes that routinely do paperwork, have a good grasp of the law, and specialize in car accidents can give you a lot of peace of mind.

11. Do Not Become Guilty

You may subsequently become guilty or victim if you do one of these:

  • Admit your fault
  • Not speaking to witnesses and ignoring evidence
  • Not seeking legal advice
  • Panic
  • Acting when angry
  • Not having insurance
  • Waiting for 2 years or more
  • Ignoring negligence at the scene of the accident
  • Escaping from the accident scene
  • Disobeying traffic rules
  • Discussing medical bills and car costs and making decisions before the legal process starts
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